Rihards Zaļupe – New Solo Programme Winter Atmospheres



After a hiatus of several years, composer and percussions virtuoso Rihards Zaļupe offers his second solo programme Winter Atmospheres.


His first recital programme Marimba Dance, produced in 2007, was successful and received the Annual Latvian Music Recording Award of 2008 in the category Debut of the Year. Currently, several compositions from this programme have been released in the USA, they are performed around the world and have helped percussionists to receive various awards and laudations.


The new programme is Rihards’s most personal and one could even say, most intimate project. The composer has created works that, to himself, evoke associations with the quite sombre and contemplative Winter time. The music reveals author’s reflections of global issues, and it combines two of his favourite music genres – academic music and film music.


The recital programme is of two parts: the first is for acoustic marimba solo, Rihards Zaļupe’s compositions written exclusively for this project. It symbolizes wintry moods which, to the composer, evoke associations with the traditional Christmas classical music repertoire. The programme comprises Suite for Marimba Solo and Preludes.


The second part takes the listener on a slightly meditative journey by means of a specially prepared cycle for marimba, percussions and electronics. It unites traditional Latvian folk melodies and texts written exclusively for this programme.


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