Listen to Rihards Zaļupe music in november!



Latvian National symphony orchestra will perform some of Rihards music – don’t miss it!
5th of november listen to Rihards first symphony NAMEJS:
Goran Gora is the leader of concert talks for the youth. Recently, he has taken an interest in history, in particular, the 13th century fights between crusaders and Semigallians, who were led by their ruler Namejs. LNSO percussionist and composer Rihards Zaļupe wrote a score for a film about these battles. The film was never finished, but Zaļupe turned the film score into a breathtaking, eventful symphony which premiered in spring and was received with great enthusiasm. This will be the second performance of the piece in a concert specifically for the younger listeners.

Concert is hosted in Latvian!

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21st of november listen to Rihards Zaļupe music for TALE OF DIEGABIKSIS, concert-play for children:
Tale of Diegabiksis is a musical journey based on the fairytale by Žanis GrīvaOne day, Diegabiksis the little turtle left his home to search for happiness and witness miracles – will he find what he is looking for? Who will he meet at the bosom of the river, and where will the Cloud take him? What did the Stone do and what did the Mountain say? Together with Diegabiksis, the audience will hear the frog choir sing, the furious Lion king roar, and see the marvellous Wonderbird fly.

Performance is hosted in Latvian!

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