Poetrybutterfly takes part in Baltic Theatre Festival in Tartu



6.08. at 6 o’clock PM in the Harbour Theatre
Children and grownup children are welcome to enjoy the musical drawing dance performance Poetry Butterfly.
The world is larger in the eyes of children. For this reason it is important to watch and see, to listen and hear. In this performance the poetry world will be created by movement, characters, shadows and music. Elīna Breice, choreographer and dancer of contemporary dance, and Rihards Zaļupe, professional musician and composer, are taking part in the project. Varis Klausītājs, the director of the performance, was inspired by Aivars Neibarts’s collection of poems Taureņkaraļvalstība, which thus became the source of the stage performance. The guest star of the project is the scenic designer Hiroko Oshima.
„…Yet I dare say that the crew has successfully created a professional and artistically superb contemporary piece of art for children of almost every age. Beginning with the conscious age, when the three-year-old comprehends what does theatre and performance mean… The crew apparently has succeeded in grasping the scale in which children create their own fantasy world where you can drive a car you have drawn yourself, find a shelter from imaginary nimbus, create a mysterious world of shadows… and the best part – there are no words necessary to understand each other.” /Dita Eglīte, Dance.lv journalist/

“butterflies know they have to flutter straight away when the wind is freezing and the ground is slippy…” Aivars Neibarts (transl. by Dace Krūtaine)

Dancer – Elīna Breice
Musician – Rihards Zaļupe
Sound/ Light designer – Rihards Gulbis
Director – Varis Klausītājs
Producer – Sondra Lāce

The performance is created in chamber form and there is no narration.
Duration 50 min.