Dzejtaurenis Receives Stage Artists’ Night Award!



Performance of contemporary dance and drawing Dzejtaurenis was included in this year’s list of the Stage Artists Night nominees in two categories and on November 23 received the Stage Artists’ Night award in nomination The Best Performance for Children and Youth.  The performance has been very successful this autumn as in September Dzejtaurenis participated in the Baltic Theatre Festival in Tartu where Rihards Zaļupe received award for the music.

“We perceive Dzejtaurenis as a child who has been supported, loved, cherished and let out into the world to be loved as much as we do. For us each performance is a gala and every spectator – a guest.  We are very happy for this award and grateful to everyone who has helped us to launch Dzejtaurenis this February and has kept it going up to now. We hope very much that our flying will not be terminated and we will have the chance to give pleasure to the spectators of other cities and states as well! ” says the producer Ms. Sondra Lāce.

The creators of Dzejtaurenis are grateful for the support of spectators as well as to each one of the cooperation partners who have helped the flight of Dzejtaurenis be so positive and inspiring.

Recently we have received a financial support from the State Culture Capital Foundation and are already planning guest performances in various cities of Latvia in the beginning of 2013.

The butterflies know that carelessly falling in the abyss the butterflies carefree fall right into the sky… /A.Neibarts “Taureņkaraļvalstība”/

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