Concert „Tā Kā Taka” of a cappella band „Latvian Voices”



10.03. Ādaži Cultural center and 15.03. Concert hall Spīķeri
Music is part of nature. Everyone sees it in different colors, scents and sounds. Concert program “Tā Kā Taka” (“Like a Path”) of the new, promising European a cappella band “Latvian Voices” leads through musical paths, performing brand new Latvian folk songs transcribed by them-selves, as well as original compositions for seven voices in an a cappella sound.
It is supplemented by cooperation with one of the best beatbox artists in the world – Lytos (Spain).

Original and yet unseen means of expression create a mystical, meditative and simultaneously inspiring atmosphere.

Music where classical, ethno, pop and world music meet.

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